St Nicholas Montessori College Ireland

St Nicholas Montessori College Ireland
St. Nicholas Montessori College Ireland (SNMCI) is a private higher education institution which has been engaged in the delivery of Montessori education programmes since 1982. Located in the seaside town of Dún Laoghaire, Co. Dublin the college offers both full and part time programmes. The College’s programmes are accredited by QQI (Quality and Qualifications Ireland) and lead to degrees at level 7 and level 8 on Ireland’s National Framework of Qualifications (NFQ). With campuses in both Dún Laoghaire and Cork, and a member of the international Kastalia Congress, SNMCI is quickly growing in stature and status.

What is Montessori?

Dr Montessori's philosophy and method of education has been known and highly respected in Ireland for the past century. Her seamless blending of intellectual, concrete, aesthetic, relevant and meaningful experiences for children has influenced a host of curricula, practices, policies and initiatives regarding environments which support the holistic development of children.
St Nicholas Montessori College boasts of three impeccable courses in Montessori Education:

1. All New Programme: Bachelor of Education in Montessori Education!
A B.Ed (Hons) Montessori will provide learners with a broad based education in Montessori philosophy for the child in what Montessori called, the first two planes of development (0-6, 6-12). This level 8 degree is an excellent preparation for future work and study. Graduates can work as Montessori Primary School teachers or as Montessori teachers/owners/managers in early years' education settings. Garda vetting is mandatory.

2. Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Montessori Education

3. Higher Diploma in Arts in Early Years Montessori Education
St Nicholas, a member of the Kastalia Congress, also has over 5 international partnerships through Erasmus+, in which we send and receive international students to / from the college. In addition to this, SNMCI also holds several ‘Short Programmes’ throughout the year:

1. Department of Education EPV Course, “Aistear in Action”
2. Intensive 12-week Bridging Programme
3. Montessori & Dementia Workshop


Part Time & Full Time
Dún Laoghaire

Upcoming Events

1. Open Day 7th October PM
2. Montessori Week (7th - 13th October)
3. Montessori & Dementia Workshop (9th - 10th October)
4. Montessori Europe Congress (11th - 12th October)
5. Erasmus+ (Spring semester, 2nd year)
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