Dr Karenfinnerty Photo
Dr. Karen Finnerty
Dr. Karen Finnerty has been Director of the Open Training College (OTC) since 2000. The Open Training College is a specialist independent provider of third level education, operating in the disability, health and voluntary sectors nationally and is a part of St. Michael's House, Dublin.

In her early career with the Open Training College, Karen was instrumental in the development of management and social care higher education for disability service provision and retains an ongoing commitment to this area. Prior to employment in St. Michael's House and subsequently the OTC, Karen worked in frontline and managerial positions in Ireland and the USA in the areas of primary & secondary education and adult education including education and training for people with disabilities. Karen's professional areas of interest are a social justice approach to the provision of services to groups considered marginalised (including those with an intellectual disability), professionalisation of the social care worker role, life-long learning and in-company training/education.

Karen has represented the OTC on the HECA Board since 2013 and has experienced HECA as an excellent forum for networking with colleagues and sharing knowledge and experience in the interests of higher education.

In addition to her Doctorate in Social Science, Karen is a graduate of Trinity College Dublin (B.Ed.), Dublin City University (MSc.) and the Irish Management Institute (DipMan).
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