July 6, 2021

Andrew Conlan Trant steps down as Chair of the Board of the Higher Education Colleges Association

    In May 2021, Andrew Conlan Trant, Chairperson of the HECA Board since February 2020, completed his term and welcomed the new Chair, Professor Diarmuid Hegarty and the Vice Chair, David Carpenter.

    On thanking Andrew for his stellar work as HECA Chair, Patricia O Sullivan, Executive Director of HECA states:

    “I would like to express my deep appreciation for everything that Andrew has done for HECA. He has made an immense contribution to HECA in one of the most challenging times for Ireland and higher education. He has been a rock throughout his term as Chair and unselfishly gave his time, knowledge, and support to a range of issues, including but not only, issues pertinent to COVID-19 and higher education. On behalf of HECA, I would like to thank him and of course, we are delighted that he continues as a valuable HECA Board member.”

    Marking the end of his term as Chair of HECA, Andrew Conlan-Trant said "The last year and a half have been amongst the most difficult for our students, staff and the broader communities in private higher education institutions.   During that time we have demonstrated our agility by changing quickly and comprehensively to continue teaching and learning while restrictions from the spread of COVID-19 were in place nationally and globally.   The cohesion of the HECA colleges was evident during this time and the support we showed for each other contributed greatly to successfully navigating this period.   My role of Chair was made substantially easier by the never-ending work and unwavering dedication to HECA of Patricia O'Sullivan, Executive Director of HECA, for which I am very grateful.   I offer my good wishes and support to the new Chair of HECA, Diarmuid Hegarty, President of Griffith College".

    Andrew Conlan Trant
HECA Chair and Executive Dean of DBS
February 2020 - May 2021

    Andrew Conlan Trant
    HECA Chair and President of DBS
    February 2020 - May 2021

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