The following Irish state accredited higher education providers, are members of HECA:
1. CCT College Dublin
2. Dorset College
3. Dublin Business School (DBS)
4. Galway Business School (GBS)
5. Griffith College
6. Hibernia College
7. Irish College of Humanities and Applied Sciences (ICHAS)
8. Institute of Integrative Counselling & Psychotherapy (IICP College)
9. Open Training College (OTC)
10. Setanta College
11. St. Nicholas Montessori College of Ireland (SNMCI)
12. SQT Training
Membership Requirements
At a minimum HECA members must be current providers of a programme or programmes at Level 7 and/or above on the Irish National Framework of Qualifications, (INFQ), which are validated by Quality and Qualifications Ireland, (QQI).

Full details on the criteria to be met for consideration of an application for HECA membership may be obtained by contacting [email protected].
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