Educational Quality and Student Welfare Statement

The Higher Education Colleges Association (HECA) is dedicated to ensuring an ethos of quality among its members and in setting and maintaining world class standards in its member institutions.
This ethos is manifest in and extends to all aspects of:
• The quality and level of the courses provided

• The quality of course delivery

• The quality and fairness of assessment

• The quality of student support

• The quality of facilities and student resources

• The quality of opportunity

• The quality of redress

• (i.e. the quality of protection of students’ financial outlay – bonding of fees – and the quality of opportunity to continue studying in another member college in the event of closure of the original college of enrolment – bonding of courses)

Each member college has quality policies and procedures approved by the various accrediting bodies whose courses they deliver. Members treat their fee paying students as customers and provide a high level of customer care.
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