Terms of Reference for HECA Teaching & Learning Committee

To champion best practice in teaching, learning and assessment within HECA colleges, based on a set of learner  centered principles

It aims to do this by:
• Encouraging the professionalisation of teaching in Higher Education;
• Sharing expertise and best practice;
• Engaging with the National Forum for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning;
• Encouraging member colleges to support their educational developers/teaching and learning advocates;
• Engaging in collaborative research around teaching, learning and assessment issues..


The Committee will:
• Drive the development of learner centered principles and evidence-based improvements in effective teaching and learning;
• Contribute to regulatory and policy making bodies in relation to teaching, learning and assessments;
• Inform the teaching and learning theme of the HECA annual conference, demonstrating innovation within a research informed environment;
• Encourage the use of inter-college activities as an effective strategy in enhancing teaching and learning and knowledge creation;
• Encourage educators to avail of the networking and workshop opportunities provided by various academic networks;
• Develop partnerships with other Teaching and Learning Networks.


All HECA Colleges may nominate one person who they regard as the teaching & learning advocate.

Current members include:
Dr. Leo Casey, National College of Ireland
Dr. Marcella Finnerty, IICP Education & Training
Mr. Ronnie Harrison, Open Training College
Ms Naomi Jackson, College of Computer Training
Ms. Anne Mangan, Institute of Physical Therapy & Applied Science
Ms. Sinead O’Brian, Dublin Business School
Dr. Fiona O’Riordan, Griffith College
Dr. Theresa Whitaker, Hibernia College
HECA Library Committee representative: Mr Justin Smyth

The role and responsibility of members is to:
Attend and participate in meetings
Disseminate information to educators within their own college
Contribute to achieving the mission of the network
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