Terms of Reference for HECA Teaching & Learning Committee

To champion best practice in teaching, learning and assessment within HECA colleges, based on a set of learner  centered principles

It aims to do this by:
• Encouraging the professionalisation of teaching in Higher Education;
• Sharing expertise and best practice;
• Engaging with the National Forum for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning;
• Encouraging member colleges to support their educational developers/teaching and learning advocates;
• Engaging in collaborative research around teaching, learning and assessment issues..


The Committee will:
• Drive the development of learner centered principles and evidence-based improvements in effective teaching and learning;
• Contribute to regulatory and policy making bodies in relation to teaching, learning and assessments;
• Inform the teaching and learning theme of the HECA annual conference, demonstrating innovation within a research informed environment;
• Encourage the use of inter-college activities as an effective strategy in enhancing teaching and learning and knowledge creation;
• Encourage educators to avail of the networking and workshop opportunities provided by various academic networks;
• Develop partnerships with other Teaching and Learning Networks.


All HECA Colleges may nominate one person who they regard as the teaching & learning advocate.

Current members include:
Dr. Marcella Finnerty, IICP Education & Training
Mr. Ronnie Harrison, Open Training College
Ms Naomi Jackson, College of Computer Training
Ms. Sinead O’Brian, Dublin Business School
Dr. Fiona O’Riordan, Griffith College
Dr. Theresa Whitaker, Hibernia College
HECA Library Committee representative: Mr Justin Smyth

The role and responsibility of members is to:
Attend and participate in meetings
Disseminate information to educators within their own college
Contribute to achieving the mission of the network
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