July 22, 2019

Chairperson's Message

David Carpenter Hibernia College (1)
David Carpenter
Hibernia College

Farewell to HECA’s Past Chair

As David Carpenter’s term as HECA Chair has recently come to a close, HECA would like to take this opportunity to thank David for his hard work and commitment in building and growing HECA.

Over the last year and a half, David’s chairmanship of HECA has been characterised by innovative ideas, intense activity and organisation. David has strengthened HECA’s bonds with other higher education stakeholders as well as supporting the formation of the HECA Academic Quality Enhancement Forum, bringing together the expertise of HECA’s members to enhance the quality and impact of teaching, learning and student experience.

On behalf of the HECA Board and Members we would like to thank David for his dedication and the great job he has accomplished in his term; David’s devotion to the role will be difficult to match.

HECA’s New Chair and Vice Chair

Prof Denis Ryan ICHAS
Prof Denis Ryan

It’s HECA’s great pleasure and honour to announce that Professor Denis Ryan of ICHAS has been duly voted by the HECA Board to take over as HECA Chair with Andrew Conlan Trant, Executive Dean of Dublin Business School, to work alongside Denis as HECA’s Vice Chair. Both individuals bring a wealth of experience, skill and knowledge to the HECA Board and are already actively working on projects to promote and advance HECA further.

Professor Denis Ryan, Chair of HECA

Professor Ryan is internationally recognised as one of Europe’s leading academic thinkers in the areas of health and social care provision.  In 2009 he was appointed by the college as Director of Academic Affairs and in this role, he has been central to the college’s continuing development and expansion. He also holds several European academic posts including those as a visiting Lecturer with the University of Hull and as Visiting Professor with the Catholic University of Leuven, in Belgium.

Andrew Conlan Trant Dbs
Andrew Conlan Trant
Dublin Business School

Andrew Conlan-Trant, Vice Chair of HECA

Andrew Conlan-Trant is the Executive Dean at DBS.   He has significant experience in public, private and not-for-profit organisations, having worked in Ireland and overseas.  His early career was spent in the telecommunications sector, specifically with Telecom Eireann (now Eir) and British Telecom's Irish operations, Ocean Communications and Esat.   Subsequently, his career developed into the area of social care and disadvantage where he worked with organisations to provide services to people who are homeless, substance misusers and others who were disadvantaged.   He has held many board memberships, in Ireland and UK, and is currently on the Board of DBS.   Andrew holds qualifications in Business, Management and Education from NUIG and QUB.

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