May 29, 2019

Annual Report HECA Library Group 2018 / Objectives for 2019


In 2018, the HECA Library Committee responded to the Consultation led by the National Forum for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning to inform its new Strategy, highlighting the need for the Strategy to incorporate the learning environment and its impact on teaching and learning into its high level objectives. The HECA Library Committee also recommended the recruitment of post doctoral researchers to capture and publish in the teaching and learning literature on the impact of Forum initiatives.


In 2018 the following facility upgrades took place across the HECA Library Group:

  • CCT College constructed a new library premises incorporating a new Centre for Teaching and Learning
  • Both DBS and Griffith Libraries underwent renovation.

Professional Development

In 2018, the following staff members undertook the following professional development:

  • Justin Smyth of CCT Library and Dimphne NiBhraonain of Griffith Library successfully completed postgraduate Masters programmes in library management from UCD and DBS respectively. Dimphne completed her dissertation research on the digital literacy of staff. Digital literacy and fluency are central considerations in publications by the National Forum for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning such as Teaching and Learning in Irish Higher Education: A Roadmap for Enhancement in a Digital World (2015). Griffith College has also incorporated a digital skills module for students in its undergraduate law degree.
  • Jane Buggle from DBS Library completed the Library Publishing Coalition’s Library Publishing Curriculum (


  1. Book Chapter:

In 2018, the HECA Library Committee authored a chapter of an open access book which is being published jointly by the Technological University, Dundalk Institute of Technology and Carlow Institute of Technology on the National Forum’s Professional Development Framework for all Those Who Teach in Higher Education (2016). This book will be launched imminently at an event which will be held at the Royal Irish Academy.

The chapter by the HECA Library Committee explores the impact of leading and participating in a National Forum pilot of the aforementioned National Forum’s Professional Development Framework. The pilot explored the suitability of the Framework for librarians. Using a qualitative research approach, the HECA Library Group found that the Professional Development Framework for All Those Who Teach in Higher Education was effective in capturing the professional development of librarians. Additionally use of the Framework made HECA Librarians feel more connected to the wider library and educational community.

  1. Book on Referencing

In 2018, NCI Library published the 5th Edition of the NCI Cite it Right Guide (

Library Publishing

In 2018, DBS Library launched the DBS Library Press at:

The DBS Library Press houses peer reviewed journals published by DBS Library which are indexed on the Directory of Open Access Journals and EBSCO and Proquest databases. Librarians are ideally positioned to publish high quality academic journals for academic institutions and this skill set exists within the HECA Library Group. Journal publications are a significant enhancement to the research profile of HECA Colleges.


In 2018, DBS Library successfully secured the hosting of two international library events. 1. The International Federation of Library Association’s Library Publishing Conference for 2019 and 2. Kohacon (beating the University of Stockholm) for June. A review of the Library Publishing conference at DBS can be found at:

Quality Assurance

All HECA Library Committee members have participated in quality assurance exercises entailing programmatic review, validation and reengagement pilots and processes.

Student Engagement

CCT College attended the annual Conference of the Student Engagement Programme. NCI Library also conducted a Student Engagement Project to elicit feedback to strengthen engagement with the service.


In 2018, Griffith College launched an open access repository ( containing student projects and research. Faculty research and content is being added to this platform and will also inform online staff profiles. In 2018, NCI Library also produced institutional staff profiles showcasing the research and professional development interests of faculty. HECA Library services have a pivotal role to play in collating and showcasing institutional research and professional development activity by faculty and students, enhancing the HECA Brand and strengthening its position during QQI reviews and validations.

Objectives for 2019

Objectives for 2019 are built around the following pillars:

  • National Framework for All Those Who Teach in Higher Education: As HECA Librarians have completed and published on a pilot of this Framework, they are ideally positioned to support initiatives within HECA Colleges to implement the Framework.
  • Inclusivity:  HECA Librarians wish to undertake Universal Design training to offer more accessible library services and resources for students. Griffith College will facilitate training on this.
  • Open Source Software: CCT College is  the first college to install publish Subjectsplus nationally. The software which is designed by the University of Miami facilitates the creation of library, teaching and research guides. CCT College is happy to share best practice and advice in relation to the installation and population of this software. NCI Library will be using open source software Omeka to create an institutional archive documenting the history of the College. The international Kohacon conference will be held at DBS. Koha is an open source library management system.
  • Quality Assurance: All HECA Colleges are conducting a significant number of programmatic reviews, validations and reengagement exercises. Librarians have an important role to play in these.
  • Publications: The HECA Library Committee will continue to publish in the academic literature on its activities annually. The Committee plans to submit an article to a peer reviewed journal published by the Library Association of Ireland by September. The article will detail HECA Library Committee’s activities since its inception also incorporating an analysis of the mission and vision of the Committee.
  • Library Publishing: DBS Library will incorporate open access monograph publishing into its Press. The current call for content is available at: CCT College will launch an open access, peer reviewed, academic journal entitled the Annual Journal of Computing and Business.
  • HECA Website: The HECA Library Committee will ask the HECA Board for a presence on the HECA website.

Professional Development: The HECA Library Committee will conduct a half day professional development day on a range of its activity to support the professional development activity of all HECA library staff.

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