November 7, 2022

Announcing the Winners of the HECA Student Research Awards #HRSA Digital Posters Exhibition 2022

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Thank you to all the entrants for the 2022 HECA Student Research Awards. It is impressive to observe the range of disciplines and standard of research from students across the HECA member HEIs.

The HECA Board, the HECA Research Committee and the Judging Panel of the HSRA Digital Poster would like to thank all student entries for sharing and showcasing your research work.

Submissions were overwhelming of the static digital poster format and therefore the winning awards and short-listing reflects these entries. Like last year, the decision-making was tough, but after considered discussions, the Judging Panel are thrilled to announce the winners of the HSRA Digital Poster Exhibition as follows:

1st prize 

The 2022 HSRA Trophy - Cash Prize of €300

Veronika Zvijacova, Griffith College, for the poster The implementation of shared service centre - A case study of knowledge transfer from an International IT company to a global logistics organisation.

Congratulations Veronika

2022 heca poster veronika zvijacova griffith college dublin1024 1

2nd prize 

The 2022 HSRA Trophy - Cash Prize of €150

Laura Timoney, Dublin Business School, for the poster The efficacy of nature based therapy for young people

Congratulations Laura

dissertation poster niamh mctiernan10241024 1 1

3rd prize (Joint Winners)

The 2022 HSRA Trophy -

  • Marcelle Louise De Souza, CCT College, for the poster Defining Financial Risks and Market Trends Through Predictive Data Analysis
  • Nadia O Brien, Griffith College, for the poster Employee Attrition and Retention in privately-funded Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) in Ireland: Factors influencing employee attrition, and drivers of non-academic staff retention,
    in third-level education

Congratulations Marcelle and Nadia.

shape of a photon110241024 1 (1)shape of a photon110241024 1 (1)

Special Recommendations

Due to the high standard and range of posters submitted to HSRA, the Judging Panel would also like to make a special mention to the following entrants:

  • Lauren Wright, Griffith College for the poster How does influencer marketing on TikTok impact brand trust among generation Z in Ireland
  • Nigel Fitzharris, Hibernia College for the poster Overcoming Barriers to Outdoor Science Education in Ireland
  • Valentina Quiroga, CCT College, for the poster Artifact Development for the Prediction of Stress Levels on Higher Education Students in their final year using Machine Learning
  • Muriam Sarfraz Hussain, Dublin Business School for the poster A Study to Manage Conflict Due to Language Barriers in Multicultural Workplaces Across Ireland
  • Leticia Lizbeth Zamora Zeron, Griffith College, for the poster Analysis of the implementation of body-worn cameras for An Garda Síochána in light of their social protection programs
  • Aine Gallagher, Griffith College, for the poster Carbon Emissions In Ireland's Biopharmaceutical Industry. Click here  
  • Stephen Hardiman, Griffith College, for the poster Leadership Development
  • María Laura Maggio, Griffith College, for the poster The Challenges of Succession planning in Small Family-Owned Businesses a Case Study of Agrar del Sur S.A
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