November 5, 2021

Announcing the Winners of the HECA Student Research Awards #HRSA Digital Posters Exhibition

Thank-you to all of the entrants for helping make the first ever HECA Student Research Awards a success. HECA and the HECA Research Committee are very impressed with the standard, range and research quality of the entrants. The Judging Panel stated that the HSRA Digital Poster Exhibition showcases a wonderful set of posters which provide stimulating reading and would like to thank all the entries for their submissions.

The decision making was tough and after considered discussions, the Judging Panel are thrilled to announce the winners of our first ever HSRA Digital Poster Exhibition.

First prize 

The 2021 HSRA Trophy - Cash Prize of €400

Valentina Quiroga of CCT College for their poster Mobile Application To Travel The World Using Virtual Reality and Machine Learning.

Congratulations, Valentina.

academic poster mobile application to travel the world using virtual reality and machine learning10241024 1 1

2nd prize 


Niamh McTiernan of Dublin Business School for their poster Covid-19 The Dynamics of Digital Transformation: Reshaping The Fashion Industry.

dissertation poster niamh mctiernan10241024 1 1

3rd prize 


Christopher C. O'Neill of CCT College for their poster The Shape of a Photon

shape of a photon110241024 1 (1)

Special Recommendations

Due to high standard and range of posters submitted to HSRA , the Judging Panel would also like to make a special mention to the following entrants. 

  • Alan Reis of Dublin Business School for the poster The impact of YouTube content on brand awareness and purchasing intention of Millenials in Dublin, click here
  • Sarah Elizabeth Mulhall of Hibernia College for the poster Children and Climate Action, click here
  • Kevin Byrne of ICHAS, Irish College of Humanities & Applied Sciences, for the poster Benzodiazepine Discontinuation & Counselling/Psychotherapy: A Phenomenological Inquiry, click here
  • Michelle Hall of St. Nicholas Montessori College for the poster Play and Autism In Irish Primary Schools, click here
  • Clare O'Beara of Dublin Business School for the poster Working Equines In Developing Nations, click here
  • Thomas Devasia of Dublin Business School for the poster Impact of Artificial intelligence (AI) on the marketing functions of the American Marketing Association, click here
  • Vinay Ramasare Kurmi of Dublin Business School for the poster Emotion recognition from audio visual big data using Deep Learning Techniques, click here
  • Paul Luckey of Dublin Business School for the poster Perceived intents regarding flexible work arrangements and their impact on trust and organizational commitment, click here
  • Anna Engelberger of Dublin Business School for the poster Generation Alpha (α) and their impact on the hotel industry, click here
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