September 22, 2021

HAQEF Network and Discipline Fund Call for Expressions of Interest from HECA Member Colleges or consultants for the role of project coordinator


    HECA's Academic Quality Enhancement Forum received funding from the National Forum for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education under the Network and Discipline fund 2020.  

    The goal of the project is to develop a suite of supporting resources for the sector in relation to quality assurance of online and blended learning.

    The role reports to the Executive Director of HECA and HAQEF Chair


    The specific tasks associated with the role of project coordinator will be:

    • To gather evidence and insights from the experiences of HECA member colleges on their blended learning quality assurance experiences during the pandemic. This will involve the gathering and synthesising responses from an insights questionnaire and in some cases conducting interviews with stakeholders.
    • To organise ‘insights workshop’ informed by the synthesis above, and attended by representatives from HECA colleges, so that aggregated findings may be used to inform the development of insights in each of the core areas of QA as set out by QQI.
    • To coordinate and contribute to the development of resources based on the findings of the above activities.
    • Remain in regular communication with Executive Director of HECA and HAQEF Chair


    • The role is for the duration of the project which is underway and will continue to January 2022
    • The role is part-time involving approximately 10-20 days’ work for the duration. A flat rate of €5000 will be paid on completion of the project.
    • The timeline for completing the project requires the information gathering and synthesis to be completed by end December 2021


    The role would suit a person who is already employed in one of the HECA member colleges or has prior experience in a HECA college. Alternatively, it could also be fulfilled by a consultant. 

    The Project Coordinator will need to have the following abilities:

    • A Good understanding of the HE sector particularly HECA’s member colleges
    • Good understanding of blended learning quality assurance practices as situated within QQI context and international context.  
    • Ability to project manage and interact with diverse stakeholders 
    • Ability to write and report, incorporating diverse experiences
    • Ability to work independently  

    Expressions of Interest

    This is an open expression interest for HECA college members and external consultants

    Although some aspects of the tasks may be shared, it is envisaged that one person needs to be named as the responsible Lead Researcher.

    Funding from the National Forum is distributed through educational institutions, as such if the candidate is engaged as a consultant, it will be engaged through the allocated HECA funding coordinator for this project.

    Please note: HAQEF has been advised that work on this project is underway and requires immediate support.


    • The deadline for receipt of nominations is Tuesday 29th September at 5pm
    • A sub-committee of HAQEF will assess the nominations/applications 
    • The process may involve follow-up clarifications and meeting with the nominee
    • Interviews, if required, will be held week commencing 4th October with outcomes communicated no later than Friday, 8th October.
    • Anticipated start date is as soon as possible.
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