HECA Holds its Inaugural Research Conference

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The Higher Education Colleges Association (HECA) will hold their inaugural research conference on Tuesday, 15 November. It is the first time that the independent higher education institutions (HEIs) in Ireland will run a collaborative research conference showcasing the research activity of faculty, academic managers, academic support staff and students in HECA-member HEIs. The conference has a multi-discipline theme, with research on early learning, schools and tertiary education, supporting students with disabilities, library and open access research initiatives, technology and innovation, and humanities.

The conference aims to highlight the importance of research across the HECA institutions by spotlighting key research by staff and students. This conference hopes to illuminate the significant contributions to ongoing wider research interests and the potential of the respective institutions to grow and contribute further to the wider research community in Ireland and abroad. 

The HECA Research Committee was established in 2020 and had as their target to initially increase the visibility of the research work that is happening across the HECA-member HEIs. In 2021, they hosted their first HECA Student Research Awards, which gathered significant interest from students across the independent higher education sector. This year, the decision was made to expand the event and to break new ground, and, in alliance with the HECA Library Committee, they are running their very first HECA Research Conference.

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