Explore the HECA Student Research Posters Exhibition: Live Now!

The HECA Research Committee are delighted to announce that the HECA Student Research Award (HSRA) Posters Exhibition is now live, and we extend our heartfelt gratitude to all the students from across our member higher education institutions (HEIs) for their exceptional submissions of digital research posters.

This year’s exhibition showcases a remarkable array of research, reflecting the diverse and innovative work being carried out by our student researchers. The HECA Research Committee has been thoroughly impressed with the breadth of topics covered, demonstrating the vibrant academic environment fostered within our HECA member HEIs.

Exhibition Details:

Live Period: Now until Thursday, November 9th

Viewing Posters: Click or tap on the below posters to view them in larger detail.

This digital exhibition provides a unique platform for our students to present their research to a broader academic audience, allowing for the dissemination of their findings and the fostering of academic discourse. It is also an opportunity to celebrate the hard work and dedication of our student researchers, whose commitment to their respective fields is commendable.

The winners, including the runners-up of the HECA Student Research Awards, will be announced on Friday, November 10th. We are eager to celebrate the exceptional work of our students and acknowledge their contributions to academic excellence.

HECA would like to extend our thanks once again to all the students who have participated in this initiative. Your involvement has made this exhibition a showcase of the innovative research happening within the HECA network.

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The role of music in supporting a cross-curricular pedagogy
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Exploring the influence of sustainable branding on consumer behaviour : The role of brand authenticity.
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A Study of the Impact of Digital Tech on the Teaching and Learning of the 5 Elements in the Communicative Competence strand of the JC Curriculum to Produce Recommendations for MFL Teachers
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Teachers' Perspectives on the Implementation of ICT in the Modern Foreign Language Classroom
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Face Recognition with CNN and ensemble Learning - Dealing with Big Datasets for individual recognition
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Enterprise Resource Planning Implementation: Exploring Success Factors in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
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Storytelling in Augmented Reality: Challenges And Possibilities For Immersive Digital Marketing
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The Impact of Active Learning on Post-Primary Student's Motivation.
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Ways in which the 21st century consumer is eco-friendly
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The Counsellors Role in Supporting Autistic Students in Secondary School
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Counsellors' Experience of Assessing and Managing Suicidality among Students in Third-Level Institutions.
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Cold Water Immersion Activities: the Effects on mental health, Self Efficacy, Resilience and Mental Toughness
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Best College to study Business and Digital Skills
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Painting covid away. Artistic creativity and mental health amongst female visual artists during the pandemic.
saliya poster heca
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The impact of empathy, just world belief and intergroup disgust in predicting attitudes to homelessness
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Teacher's perspectives on the use of the Drawing Strand of the Visual Arts Curriculum as a support to the teaching of literacy in Junior Infants to First Class in Irish Primary Schools.
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The Role of Data Analytics to Address Water Stress in Africa
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Pronostic of Colo-Rectal Cancer (CRC) Using Machine Learning Models on Organoids Derived of Patient
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Effective use of language and other methodologies to support an inclusive classroom to allow students to achieve learning outcomes in English, History and Resource classes.
larissa silva mcdonnell griffith ma framing the eighth posterv2
Framing the Eighth: A Content Analysis of Irish Times and Irish Independent Coverage of the Eighth Amendment’s Passage and Repeal Campaigns
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Review of available Information and Communication Technology resources to facilitate classroom management strategies in Junior Cycle classes through cross curriculum strategies
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Dublin City Library Users’ Awareness and Perceptions of Public Library Services
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Bridgerton and Regency Adaptation to Netflix: A Case Study of The Series’ Success
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To Investigate the Benefits of Graphical and Visual Representations in the Teaching and Learning of Economics Within the Junior Cycle and Leaving Certificate Programmes.
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An Exploration into Teacher Experiences in Supporting High Ability Students in Post Primary Classrooms
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“The Impact of Marketing Techniques for International Expansion of Brazilian Tech Enterprises”
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Assessing the leadership styles used by senior management at Professional & Premier Division Clubs in the League of Ireland (LOI)
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Pluralistic Psychotherapist’s and Counsellor’s Experiences of Working with Actively Suicidal Clients A Qualitative Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis
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Assessing Stakeholders’ Perspectives on how Evidence Based Design in Healthcare could Improve Healthcare Service Delivery in Canada to Inform New Mixed-use Hospital Building Design
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Popular Culture and Information Literacy Teaching: Considerations for and from Irish Academic Librarians
ana paula elias heca presentation
Sustainability Crisis: A correlation analysis between ESG risk rate and public listed corporate financial performance in Ireland and UK.
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The Impact of Brand Extensions on Consumer Perceptions and Brand Loyalty: A Study on Luxury Fashion Brands
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