Neil Gallagher (1)
Neil Gallagher

Neil Gallagher is Founder and President of CCT College Dublin.  Established in 2005 as the College of Computing Technology, CCT is an Irish state accredited higher education provider of academic and professional programmes in Business and Computing.  CCT is located in the very heart of Dublin city centre, at Westmoreland St. As President of CCT, Neil has ultimate responsibility for the general management, operations, and strategic development of the College.  His passion for education has seen CCT develop into a leading independent College underpinned by an inclusive and vibrant student experience, best practice in teaching and learning, an innovative learning environment and a rapidly expanding research culture. He recently served as Chair of the Higher Education Colleges Association (HECA), the association of QQI validated independent higher education providers.  During this period, Neil led HECA's strategy and the development of submissions to the Expert Group on Future Funding for Higher Education in Ireland, and led design and development in the early stages of the HECA Protection of Enrolled Learners academic bonding scheme. 


Neil holds a BA (Hons) in Psychology and an MSc in Work and Organisational Psychology.  


Neil has an active interest in research and development of the following education initiatives:

  • the promotion of a computing related syllabus at both junior and senior cycle within the Irish secondary school curriculum
  • promoting and facilitating innovation within teaching and learning.
  • National and International learning requirements in an ever faster paced changing world, and the creation and development of academic programmes in response 
  • Mental health and well being of students at all levels within education, from primary level onwards, and raising funds for charities related to same
  • Promoting and facilitating equality of access into higher education in Ireland, particularly for students who have been diagnosed with so called disabilities.  In particular, Neil is passionate about how the private and public sector of Higher Ed Providers in Ireland can continuously improve in this area.
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