July 22, 2014

National Seminar Series 2014


    Date: June 26th 2014

    Time: 11am-12pm

    Target Audience: All those interested in submitting a funding proposal to the Teaching and Learning Enhancement Fund in response to the current call for proposals

    The webinar will:

    • discuss the key actionable steps and criteria that underpin the current call for funding

    • demonstrate the interface to be used for all proposals

    • provide an overview of the evaluation and selection process

    • provide an opportunity to address queries from the sector on any aspect of the call

    Please note: If you have a particular query that you would like to be addressed as part of this webinar. Please forward your query to info@teachingandlearning.ie as soon as possible.

    The webinar will be recorded and will be made available on the National Forum Website www.teachingandlearning.ie

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