February 6, 2020

CCT College present Dr Terry Maguire of the National Forum of Teaching and Learning with an honorary fellowship

The College was delighted to present it’s inaugural Honorary Fellowship award at this years Graduation Ceremony to Dr Terry Maguire. Dr Maguire is an Irish educator and senior manager who is actively committed to how teaching and learning can transform individual lives. Terry spent 14 years working in Higher Education in Scotland where she pioneered flexible and blended approaches to teaching and learning. After returning to Ireland, she worked with the Further Education and Training Sector before completing her PhD at the University of Limerick.

Dr Terry Maguire receiving Honorary Fellowship
Photographed here, presenting Dr Maguire with her award, is CCT College Dublin President Neil Gallagher.

In 2006, Terry was appointed as the Head of Lifelong Learning in the Institute of Technology Tallaght (now Technological University Dublin, Tallaght Campus). In 2013, Terry was selected to serve a four-year term as the inaugural Director of the National Forum for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education; the national body responsible for leading and advising on the enhancement of teaching and learning in Irish higher education. Terry has since been re-appointed to lead the Forum for a further four years. CCT College Dublin staff and students are highly engaged with the transformative work being done by the Forum for all participants in the Irish Higher Education sector.

In her acceptance speech for the Honorary Fellowship, Terry celebrated the graduates and noted that this graduation day would act as a foundation for everything else they would do professionally, academically and personally, extolling the virtues of lifelong learning. She encouraged them to be proud of themselves and also to be proud of the institution that has supported them to achieve their success to date. We at CCT College Dublin could not be prouder of the Class of 2019 and wish them well in all of their future endeavours.

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