17/11/2017, Cct Conferring Ceremony. (picture: Lafayette Photography)
Nicolle Zilli Da Silva
Bachelor of Business Graduate from CCT College Dublin and now working with Dublin Coach Group
“For me, CCT College was like a family. In the beginning, I was scared to go to College in Ireland because I had learned English here and I thought it would be too tough to study Business. But when I joined CCT I was put at ease and got more confidence in myself. The quality of education is really good and the lecturers were always so helpful. I really love the multicultural dimension to CCT College also, I have friends that study in other Colleges and they always say ‘I miss other people from other countries and other cultures.’ I haven’t missed that at all in CCT. You meet people from Africa, from Asia, from Canada, from Brazil, from Mexico, and it’s amazing to have friends from all over the world.”
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