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HECA Academic Quality Enhancement Forum (HAQEF)

Professional Development Colloquium

Purpose Statement
Wednesday 30 October 2019
Dublin Business College
Castle House, Room 4.7, Castle House, 73/83 South Great George Street, Dublin 2

The Higher Education Colleges Association Academic Quality Enhancement Forum (HAQEF) is hosting a one-day colloquium on Professional Development in Higher Education on Wednesday 30 October. The venue is in Dublin Business School, a HECA member college. 


This event is part of HAQEF’s series of annual colloquiums for HECA providers and brings together key staff for a day of networking, mutual learning and opportunities to show best practice in Professional Development.  


To book your place at our conference, please email [email protected]

Colloquium Objective

The overall aim of the colloquium is to facilitate conversations around professional development (PD) across all staff who teach (per PD Framework definition) in HECA colleges. 


It is intended that staff will leave the colloquium with a better understanding of what Professional Development is, what it means to them as an individual and where it fits in the context of their institution.


From the perspective of HAQEF, we intend to use the information gathered at this event to inform the strategic development of resources to support the implementation of PD structures within institutions.

Colloquium Aims

The overall aims of the colloquium are to:

  1. Facilitate discussions around PD that represent the diverse staff roles within HECA colleges (i.e. academics, support staff, senior management).
  2. Discuss the role of PD in staff wellness.
  3. Identify enabling factors and barriers to participating in PD from multiple staff perspectives 
  4. Discuss and apply learnings from the colloquium in the institution specific contexts
Learning Outcomes

At the end of this colloquium participants will be able to:

  1. Understand Professional Development at an individual level and in relation to their specific staff role in a community of practice.
  2. Understand the relationship between PD and staff wellness and identify strategies to promote wellness in PD planning.
  3. Identify enabling factors and barriers that impact their individual participation in PD.
  4. Identify enabling factors and barriers that impact institutional approaches to PD.
  5. To discuss and apply learnings from the colloquium within their institution.
Colloquium Agenda (1)
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