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HECA Research Conference 2023 Presentations

1 heca workshop
Building a Community of Practice for Academic Integrity Workshop - Elva Casey, Ann Byrne & Irene O'Dowd
alan dignam
Irish LGBT + Clients Experience of Psychotherapy - Alan Dignam
GenAl, GenZ and Gen(re): Using Text Prompts to Teach Film History - Dr. Barnaby Taylor
david mcquaid
Version Control Software And Its Possible Impact On Students Academic Integrity - David McQuaid
heca 23
A cross-discipline systematic investigation into the potential causes and contributing factors to cases of Academic Impropriety (Al) across QQI validated programmes: First stages - Dr David Williams, Dr Andrew Browne & Kunwar Madan
john lalor
An examination of the association between mindfulness and compassion for others in Psychotherapists: A mediating role of self-compassion - John Lalor
muhammad iqbal
Revised Avenues of Assessment in Higher Education in the presence of AI Generative Contents - Dr. Muhammad Iqbal
1 joan murphy
How Individuals Describe and Make Sense of Their Experience of Hope in Mental Health Recovery: An Interpretative Phenomenological Study - Joan Murphy
Reclaiming sexual empowerment after surviving childhood sexual abuse from the perspective of therapists in private practice in Ireland - Anita Lynch
deborah mends
An Exploration of Therapists' Experiences of Spirituality Within Therapeutic Practice - Donna Mc Cafferty
Counsellors' Experience of Assessing & Managing Suicidality among Students in Third- level Institutions in Ireland - Hayley O'Gorman
leo muckley
Pluralistic Counsellor's and Psychotherapist's Experiences of Working with Actively Suicidal Clients: A Qualitative Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis - Leo Muckley
Practicing what we preach Psychotherapist experience of taking care of themselves - Mary Pierce
An exploration of the views of psychotherapists in Ireland towards the therapeutic use of psychedelic substances - Niamh O'Sullivan
The opinions and experiences of psychotherapists on working with sexually diverse clients - Rebecca Kilroy
sandra mcquoid
"Walking the dark path"- the lived experiences of psychotherapists working in Crisis Intervention who face the possibility of suicidal ideation - Sandra McQuoid
The domino effect: The impact of school leadership on teachers' wellbeing - Dr Annemarie Doran
frank kehoe
The Supervisor Hub: A Model for Supporting Research Supervisors - Dr Frank Kehoe
john mescal
The Experience and Effect of Evaluation Feedback on Teachers' Practice - Dr John Mescal
karolina maxwell snmci
A post-pandemic study on the perception of stress by Special Education Teachers - Karolina Maxwell
marie o neill
Embedding Universal Design for Learning in HECA Colleges: An Exploratory Study - Marie O' Neill
conor barnaby ppt
Film Ireland: Digital Archiving and Cultural Memory - Conor Murphy & Dr. Barnaby Taylor
irene ann
Turning our critical faculties up to eleven: reflections on creating a short course in digital literacy - Irene O'Dowd, Ann Byrne & Emberly Davey
Treading Between the Lines: A Quantitative Text Analysis of ASEAN Neoregionalism - Jeanette Garcia Kola
michael b pdf
Michael-Philippe Bosonnet
2023 a message of hope compressed page 01
A message of HOPE: Generative Al & Authentic Interactive Oral Assessment
Healthcare Internet of Things (loT): A Survey of Methods and Approaches - Dr. Alexander Victor
bhuvan page 01
A Qualitative Study to Explore the Influence of Attraction Campaign on Recruitment Processes in an Irish Manufacturing Sector - Ms Bhuvan Israni
john lenehan heca 2023 with template compressed page 01
Understanding adjunct faculty needs in a student-focused VLE - a user-centred design approach - John Lenehan
trevor haugh page 01
The Role of DBS Library in Mentoring Student Research - Trevor Haugh, Amy Fitzpatrick, David Rinehart & Louise Cooke-Escapil
william heca research presentation page 01
Student voice in bullying prevention and intervention: teachers' perspectives - William Buckley
"Vital": Perceptions and use of the institutional library by faculty in Irish higher education institutions - Niamh Dowdall
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